In our continuing effort to serve your needs, eChalk will be implementing the following new features and enhancements to make your experience on the eChalk system an even better one. As with every new release, Version 12.0 will automatically be made available to every user, and will provide features that are easy to learn and use.

Users will have access to all of these improvements beginning Monday, July 18, 2011.

Feel free to share this information with other members of your school or district, and please do not hesitate to contact echalk support at if you have any questions or feedback.

New! Updated User Interface

With eChalk Version 12.0 all users will see a new and improved user interface within Classes and Groups. Login and check out the sleek new design that better organizes and presents both classroom and group content for teachers, students, parents, and administrators.

Streamlined Workflows in Classes

Instructors can now administer class content faster than ever before. Quick access to management tools directly from the class homepage fast tracks the process of adding, editing, copying, and deleting all class materials. To streamline the creation of new events even further, the event type wizard has been removed.

New! Homework Drop Box Tools for Teachers & Students

Gone are the days of switching back and forth from the classroom to email to communicate with students about assignments. Now instructors can provide feedback to all—or to individual—pupils directly from the assignment. They can even return reviewed files to students if they'd like to make comments within the submitted assignment itself.

What's more, students now have access to their very own homework drop box to manage all of their assignments and comments from instructors, and will receive automated email notifications to alert them when they have received new feedback!

In addition, the cut off for homework submissions will now be set to 11:59PM local time on the date specified.

New! Improved Rich Text Editor in Manage Site & Blogs

We have incorporated a new and improved rich text editor to provide users with effective tools for creating site announcements, calendars, resources, and blogs. New features available include additional fonts, a find and replace tool, undo and redo options, the ability to copy and paste from Microsoft Word, a character counter, full screen mode to maximize your space, and much more!

New! Access to Personal File Storage Managers in RTE

One of the most exciting new features within the upgraded rich text editor is the addition of four multimedia managers, which provide Site Administrators and bloggers with access to their own unlimited personal hosting space. Through these multimedia managers users can easily embed, manage, and publish their own images, flash, video, and document files!

Enhancements to Ajax Email Client

Users can now add attachments from their personal My Files area when composing a message within the Ajax email client, and can also save files directly into their personal folder when reading received mail.

New! Move & Copy Lessons in Bulk

In the past, when school closed for a snow day or an unexpected event, it used to be time consuming to reschedule untaught lessons individually. Using the new move option within the lessons archive, teachers can easily accommodate any type of schedule change by simply moving the affected lessons in bulk to the desired date. It's also easier than ever before to copy lessons from one semester or year to another using the new bulk copy option. What a time saver!

New! "Light" Rich Text Editor for Creating Lessons

Teachers can now highlight important content within a lesson by using the new "light" rich text editor to add color, bold or underlined text, symbols, and more.

New! Auto-Save Lessons Feature

We understand how frustrating it can be to lose your data in the event of network problems while working on your lesson plans. With eChalk's new auto-save feature, lessons are automatically saved as drafts to your lesson calendar to protect your content so you don't have to worry!

Improved Usability & Printing Options

To make it even simpler to reuse lesson plans from prior semesters or school years, we've enabled teachers to search across both active and inactive lesson activities or classes. And, from the weekly lesson plan view, teachers can manipulate the font size to ensure the proper fit when printing plans, can quickly access ellipsed text, and can download file attachments without having to click into each lesson individually.

New! Access to Common Core Standards

With the release of eChalk Version 12.0, all Lesson Planner customers will have access to the Common Core standards at no additional cost!

New Homepage Graphics!

Choose from a variety of design templates to add customization to your school's homepage. Content area header templates can be altered to include school colors and custom labels and are a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your homepage.

Contact your Client Manager for more information.

Event Specific Program (ESP) Shops!

Does your school purchase gym and/or school uniforms to sell to your students? Have you ever wished there was an easier way to manage the ordering and fulfillment process so you could save time and money? If so, you'll definitely want to learn more about the ESP Shops program from eChalk's partner, PropellShops™.

With the ESP Shops program, schools and districts can get the same high-quality custom merchandise but eliminate all of the management hassles, and most importantly, any out-of-pocket expenses! PropellShops™ works directly with your school principal or district coordinator to forecast the number of uniforms needed. PropellShops™ then creates the online store and your community buys them online. PropellShops™ handles all of the order taking, shipping, logistics, payment processing, customer service and returns, and then sends a check to your school or district.

Contact your eChalk Client Manager today to learn more about how the ESP Shops program could save your school or district time, money, and sanity!

Promote Your Shop with Ease!

If you have a PropellShop setup for your school, be sure to check out this latest feature that makes it easy to run your own Facebook, Twitter, and email campaigns for your store. With the recently launched "PropellSales™" feature, any shop owner can launch the latest pricing, product or seasonal promotion, personalized for your store audience and post it directly to Facebook or Twitter, or add it to your eChalk site, newsletter, or email campaign. The system also generates display ads and "buttons" that can be used to promote traffic to your PropellShop. Shop owners can find the new Promote My Shops tools by logging in to their shop owner account.

Haven't already setup your free, no-cost, no risk PropellShop™ for your school? Take a look at this flyer or contact your eChalk Client Manager today to learn how!